Artists United: A Smile of Love

Artists United: A Smile of Love is a movement created by Smaeralit to encourage people worldwide about the needs our brothers and sisters are going through due to catastrophic events. Our purpose is to express ourselves through art to draw the attention of anyone who wants to contribute monetarily, or if he/she has the facility to carry essential supplies to a port or drop off location, to help these countries and islands not only materially but emotionally. Artists United believes that kindness, unity, compassion and love can change the world. We can do it with your help. Even a dollar will make a difference. Let’s hold our hands. Let’s help our brothers and sisters. Together we are stronger.

Read the information. Watch the videos. Spread the word. Anyone who wants to join us, our doors are open. Anyone who has ideas that we can incorporate or extra information, let us know. Thank you! ❤

Please, visit:

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