Submit your short stories, comics/illustrations and/or writing prompts to our fourth contest!

 Hey guys!!! Don’t forget to join our family by submitting your short story to our fourth contest!  27 days remaining!!!

 We accept Nonfiction and Fiction. Each writer can submit up to six stories: three for nonfiction and three for fiction category (does not mean that all will be accepted but that increases the chance of publishing).  Entries run from 500-7,500 words, but lengths up to 10,000 may be considered.  For more information, please, visit ✨ We also accept comics and illustrations! ✨

 If for any reason you don’t want to submit a short story but would like to publish, try our writing prompts ( Remember: you need to start somewhere! ✨

 For those who are not familiar with our contest, there’s a section in the book called SmaeWorld, in which we give the opportunity to our writers to expose their projects (i.e. novels, films, blogs, etc).

 Never think a dream is too big to come true… BELIEVE in yourself! ❤ Write, re-write, and keep writing! 😄 Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us: 😊✌️ We invite you all to be a part of our family!

 *International submissions and teams (of 2) are allowed.  Free entry.

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