Where dreams and reality collide

 “I think new writers are too worried that it has all been said before.
Sure it has, but not by YOU.” -Asha Dornfest

Smaeralit: A Collaborative Collection of Nonfiction and Fiction Short Stories is a writing contest to help emerging writers discover and develop their passion for writing. The first ideas for the contest were developed in 2014, starting publications in 2015. Three books have been published, so far.

Our main goal is to provide the necessary tools to emerging writers who have an incredible gift, passion, and skills. This contest has been developed to bring opportunities to those people who aspire to pursue a career in the writing field or just love to write as a hobby. We want to make their dreams come true by publishing their stories and open the doors for them. We want to spread the word around all countries to help every single person who shares the same goal. We want to give them the opportunity of publishing their amazing masterpieces so others will enjoy by reading them.

Smaeralit brings people into the magnificent world where the great power of words, mind, and feelings come together to create a masterpiece. It explores both unlimited worlds using different genres. We encourage writers to follow their passion and let us help them to make their dreams possible by standing out in this field and proudly represent our community

We invite writers from all around the world to give themselves a chance and become a part of our amazing family.

Are you an established author? Feel free to enter our contest!


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As writers, we know the importance of words and privacy. We know how much passion, love, and effort goes into writing a story, and how each writer takes care of it. It is our pleasure to read your work and gain your trust. We value your work so much as we value ours. A professional communication and understanding are essential elements to develop a successful project. Smaeralit sets a good rapport with the writers and treats them with respect.