A Lifetime Story

Thanks for your interest in Smaeralit!  What do our collaborators and readers have to say? Let’s take a look!

Suline Van der Merwe:
Smaeralit literally is a family, I am fortunate for them to have found me and they always make me excited to write. The editors don’t just edit, they leave little notes about how they feel about your writing. They always melt my heart a little with those comments, I always expect a suggestion to change a plot or ending but it’s always just heartfelt encouragement. I am lucky to be part of the family and hope many others can join us for the future projects.

Abigail Fuentes Rivera:
If you love to write and read, explore new worlds, then this is the right place for you! Absolutely love it!!!!

Lourdes Romero:
Gran oportunidad!!  Great opportunity!! 😀 Do it!!!!

Anthony Waters:
As writers, we don’t just create characters, we help give them life and purpose within their world. The challenging part is getting our voice being heard in the literary world. Smaeralit gives our voices a chance to be heard, and the opportunity to tell the lives of our beloved characters and their story. I would like to thank the staff of Smaeralit for such a creative and inspiring project where reaches out to writers and allows them to share their craft as they grow.

Gloria Zarate:
Excellent opportunity for emerging writers around the world. Smaeralit is a great platform that has helped me to develop my potential as a writer. I am always happy to receive feedback from the team because it makes me think more about the characters, the plot, the message I want to expose with my work. My stories grow in such a positive way that I feel proud of myself, and so grateful to the team. Smaeralit has also helped me to improve my grammar and writing skills. The team wants you to be a stronger, professional and passionate writer. Most important, Smaeralit has helped me to define my own style. Great team that helps in making your dreams come true.

Sahira K Yamile:
Great opportunity! Living the dream!! Don’t be afraid and be always yourself.

V.M. Lorenzo:
This project opens opportunity for aspiring writers, it’s a good concept and I recommend it, loving staff, always willing to help and always open for new ideas! I fully recommend this!