Hi everyone! 

WELCOME!  It is a great pleasure to grab your interest and dedication to make possible this project.  

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Have you ever traveled to a distant land, where the skies always shine, yet at night the calmest and most pleasant dream can be lived? A land where portals can take you anywhere; whether far or close as distance and time are just an illusion. As fantastic and dreamy as this land sounds, surprisingly it’s at the reach of your palm. Come join us, as we journey together into this land. A land of mystery, love, adventures, and surprises. A land where kids are grown up and adults live as children because no age is relevant.

The land of dreams.

Are we daydreamers or night dreamers? That doesn’t matter. Not for us, writers. We are just dreamers because there’s no second for our brains to stop dreaming about words, books, novels, screenplays, blogs, journals… We just love words. We love to make magic… the magic of creating stories.

If you have a dream, you have to take a deep breath, prepare yourself for a long trip, and persevere with your soul carrying your heart. That is something I tell myself every day.

It is so important to dream. For all people, but especially for artists. We are agents of change. We are the ones who make this world move. Our minds driving our hands are weapons of mass creation. We can make anything possible, and that’s enviable! The world will never be the same after each story is born.

Human beings live for words – for the magic of writing, for the stories behind a mind.

Perhaps, when we read Martin’s quote, “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write”, we think about changing the whole world and we leave aside the world of a single person – which can be our world (our life). We must be agents of change. It is our duty. Every morning, open your eyes, be thankful, and then repeat to yourself “I am an agent of change.” And then, if you want to write a horror story, do it. All stories can change lives, for entertainment or for the soul – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are having fun while you express what your mind, heart, and soul dictate.

DREAM! Prepare yourself for a long, long trip… grab snacks! Have fun! And don’t worry about perfection or rejection… There’s no need to be perfect to inspire the world. Let the world be inspired by how you make art, by how you deal with your imperfections… your flaws, your rejections, your shitty first drafts! Show the world of what you’re made of.

We challenge you to dream and imagine like never before.

Together we can make a difference – we can change the world. Together we create magic. The kind of magic that transforms tears into laughter, and laughter into tears of joy. This magic is the key to the wonderful land of Smaeralit. Do you have the imagination and desire to open the gateway and gaze into its wonders? Do you dare to take one step onward?

Trust yourself. Believe in your dreams. Embrace who you are.

With love,
L.D. Lugo

Smaeralit's Logo

Smaeralit was born from a really good conversation in which people were arguing about how beautiful and wonderful it is to be a writer, but, sometimes, it is difficult to publish our work per individual.   The creation of this collaborative book contest is due to the great passion that we have for writing, reading, and also to help people.  “A person becomes wiser every second that he/she spends reading and researching.  Good things are born from the thought of wanting to pursue a dream, but it is the passion in our hearts which makes us walk along the path to make those magnificent dreams a reality.” L.D. Lugo

Looking forward to a future in which Smaeralit can help non-profit entities.


The creation of a unique and great masterpiece requires an exceptional education, responsibility, and teamwork.  We are an independent professional group which consists of editors and producers who will be looking forward to reading your stories and enjoy them as you had by writing them.  Each person of the Staff is fully English proficient, and has an impeccable background, with knowledge and skills not only in literature but in entertainment.  Our staff is so diverse…. from art to science to business administration… from different parts of the world!   Some of us are screenwriters, creative writers, both… or we just have a passion for writing! 

Smaeralit wants to increase its family on each number it will develop.  Our mission is based on encouraging writers to publish their work and thus help them take a step onward in their career or hobby.  There’s nothing more delightful than great teamwork, and that’s what we want to be for each writer… a friend.   

A fine line exists between an artist and a scientist; both share the same passion for looking for small details to create great projects.  Similarly, there is a line that unites all fields -math, business administration, history, engineering, etc. – and this is why we are more than pleased to embrace all writers and welcome them in our family.  No matter your career field or country, you can join us! 

Smaeralit aims to bring opportunities that we did not have in a moment of our lives.  It is important for us and we hope it will be for all the writers who wish to be a part of it.

Smaeralit's Logo

It is beautiful to be a writer.  You will never know a person that feels freer than a writer.  We have a gift.  An adorable, pure, wonderful and beautiful gift.  We can and we must write about anything we desire.  Passion, friendship, religion, racism, lust, murder, jokes, true events… whatever we want… we write… and we LOVE to write.  Our job is to write?  Nah.  It is not just a “job”, it is OUR PASSION.  We LIVE for that.  That’s who WE ARE.  

For us it will be a privilege to read your stories.  We encourage you all to be a part of this huge contest!  Your stories are safe with us.  Even if they are not selected (which we hope they will!)

“There is always a reason to write. A reason to love. A reason to live. The passion you put on every word is like a piece of magic coming alive (getting born).” ~YR

Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to hearing from you!