Q & A

Most popular questions & answers!  

– The stories need to be written in English for Smaeralit to be able to publish them? 

Yes!  We look forward to a future in which Smaeralit will produce volumes in other languages!  For now, all stories need to be written in English – unless the competition indicates otherwise.

– If the story is selected, do I hold the copyright of the story? 

As writers, we LOVE to share our stories with the world and be recognized.  We understand the passion and dedication a writer puts in each word.  That’s why each writer will [forever] hold their copyrights.  

– May I publish my story in other places?

Of course! 🙂 You can publish it in other magazines/books/blogs, but you must write down that was previously published in Smaeralit.

– May I use a pen name?


– Why should I need to read terms and conditions before submitting?  

Most of the staff are screenwriters.  We’re accustomed to read (and sign) such document.   This is only for copyrights statements… that, of course, each writer will always have.  We are not interested in stealing your story, nor being stole.  Our desire is to publish your stories (if meets our requirements) to help other writers.  Once we accept your story/stories, we will publish all with each writer’s name on top the title.

– I’m a published author, could I join the project?  

Of course! It will be an honor for us.

Any further questions?! 

We are more than pleased to answer them!