Once Upon a Story

This section is to provide space over a month to a nonfiction story. This month will be featured:

Only a Senseless Bullet by Sonia Clarke
Out of sight, out of mind isn’t usually the case. I’ve always stayed in touch with him.  I often called and stayed up with him at times until daylight.  Out of sight was usually in mind.  I remembered one night he got lost while approaching one of his border entrance.  Which was as a result of his   GPS signal.  He mentioned how dark it was, he had no street light and of how his GPS was malfunctioning.  I stayed up all night until dawn and until he got to his destination in New York.  The truck was fully loaded with delivery to be delivered/dispatched.  They are some fond memories that I cannot forget.  He was a Jamaican Canadian, a true passionate Christian, a truck driver, a good husband, a good father, a son, a brother, an uncle, a cousin and so much more.
He might not have been known to you or to you, and neither to you.  He was never famous but he was my husband, his love for The Lord, his family and his hard work brought him his own fame.  He was the father to our only son.  His name was Gary Vendora Clarke, Vendora might sound different to you as it did to me.  When he was born there was an Italian doctor who loved him and wanted him, even thou he was not a candidate for adoption but he told me that instead, he gave his mom the name Vendora to be used as his middle name.  I often laughed at the name but if I got upset with him, I would call him Vendora.  He was a Christian for eighteen years, even up to his end.  Gary had just started a church at Legends Centre in Oshawa, approximately two weeks prior to his homicide in Chicago on October 9th, 2012.  He felt a call of The Lord on his life to Pastor.
He became a proud Canadian in November of 2011.  Gary was a devouted and loving husband who only wanted the best for his family.  He vowed to die rich or to die trying.  In 2007, he made his grand entry into Canada on May 11th.  You could tell that he was destined for greatness.  Only a senseless bullet could stop him.  He ventured unto the 401 the next day without any knowledge of the route.  Gary only had a cell phone with no data and a van.  Vendora headed out to Toronto for the very first time, to find a job that he was informed about.  When he wasn’t busy being a Culinary Chef, he was a forklift driver and next a licensed truck driver-certificates he earned in no time.  Gary was a Culinary Chef from Jamaica.  He was able to send himself back to school after the loss of his mom during his teen age years.  He had plans of having an all-Island cuisine/international Restaurant with intentions of owning a fleet of trucks later in Canada.
Gary always stayed in touch or connected with everyone, including his father via phone, text, e-mail, and Facebook.  He always had something to send to his dad and had plans to reunite with him December 2012.  Since he had not seen him since 2007.  Vendora cared for his younger half-sister in such a special way after their mom passed.  He was only a teenager at the time.
I loved Gary dearly, the first man for me.  His tragedy has been very impactful to family and friends, near and far.  The pain of his loss has been excruciating.  Heaven has gained an angel. And earth an Icon.  I’ve lost the love of my life and a great father to our only child.  We envisioned growing old together, rocking in our chairs, having loose tooth here and there, while we reminisce about our earlier years.  We cherished our son and shared great dreams of expectations as we admired how astute he was.  We envisioned him going to University and becoming a great doctor.
There are times when our son would talk about him.  Recently, in November 2017, he was asked, “How is it without having your dad around?”  His response, “Mom, it is sad because kids are always talking about their dad, about what they did and how their dad took them out.”   When asked, “What do you do at that time?”  He responds, ” Mom, I just walk away but it’s ok because if they don’t talk about their dad today they will talk about him tomorrow.” 
My father-in-law, Mr. Fitzroy Clarke misses Gary dearly.  He was his only biological son.  His father has become a Christian since the loss because he has great hope to see Gary again in heaven.  He is sorely missed by his family.
A great man with great vision, interrupted on October 9/2012.  Five long but short years ago.  I spoke to him at 8:02 pm Canadian time but 7:02 Chicago time.  As we spoke, he said,………..