• Each story should be an original work of the writer and must be entirely written in English.
  • Only nonfiction and fiction stories will be considered.  For more information about format, please, contact us.
  • We accept comics/illustrations.  Please, be aware that comics/illustrations will also be printed in black & white as the rest of the book.  
  • Each person can submit up to six stories: three for nonfiction and three for fiction category.
  • Each person must identify whether they are using Fiction or Nonfiction and which genre ~ Comedy/Thriller/Sci-fi/ Romance/ Horror/ Action/ Adventure/ Drama/ Historical/ Academic/Mystery/ Slice of life/etc.
  • Entries run from 500-7,500 words, but lengths up to 10,000 may be considered.
  • Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1’’ margins, 1.5 space.
  • Word or PDF only.
  • International submissions and teams (of 2) are allowed.
  • Please, submit your work:
  • Be sure to write your name on the subject, followed by “Book 4”.
  • Be sure to READ terms and conditions. Click Here
  • Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!!
  • The editors will contact the selected participants via e-mail.
  • Writers whose stories are accepted will have the opportunity to expose their projects (novels, films, blogs, among others) in SmaeWorld, a section in the book and soon on the website.

**As writers, we need to look beyond our gift.  We need to care for others.  For the people we love.  For the country we love.  For the world we love.  A word is a weapon… the most delicious, deadly and beautiful weapon.  We have the gift of giving life or kill.  We are human beings… perfectly imperfect.  Please, respect each other.  Stories that are disrespectful toward a group of people (i.e. against religion, LGBT community, directly death threats, or any similar situation) will have no chance of being selected.  Please, understand.**